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Physical Therapy

We work with children ages 6 months to 18 years

Southeast Little Learners provides onsite and in-home evaluation and therapy services for children of all ages.

Gross Motor Delays
Developmental Delays
Muscle Weakness
Postural Abnormalities
Balance & Coordination
Genetic Syndromes
Medically Fragile Children
Seizure Disorders
Toe-Waling & Gait Abnormalities

Cerebral Palsy
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Down Syndrome

Physical Evaluation & Therapy Services

Gross Motor Delays  •  Developmental Delays  •  Muscle Weakness   
Postural Abnormalities  •  Balance & Coordination

Genetic Syndromes  •  Prematurity  •  Medically Fragile Children
Seizure Disorders  •  Toe-Waling & Gait Abnormalities
Cerebral Palsy  •  Traumatic Brain Injuries  •  Down Syndrome   •   ASD
Kid Jumping Trampoline


Our physical therapist will evaluate your child's gross motor skills and functioning within their natural environment. Our PT evaluations include a review of medical and developmental history, conversation with the parents, observation, and standardize testing measures.


Following the evaluation, we will review the results with the family and collaborate to create a treatment plan along with individualized goals.


Below are some signs your child may benefit from a physical therapy evaluation. Every child develops at their own pace; however, if you are concerned about your child's development, please give us a call. We are here to answer your questions and help you determine if an evaluation is recommended.

  • Not rolling over by 6 months​​

  • Unable to sit unsupported by 9 months

  • Unable to bear weight on legs to stand by 12 months​

  • Poor balance when sitting or standing unsupported​

  • Delayed crawling or walking​​

  • Low tone in arms or legs

  • Overly stiff arms or legs

  • Toe walking or an atypical way of walking​

  • Turning his/her head to only one side​

  • Difficulty with physical activity 

  • Poor balance or coordination 

  • Trouble learning how to hop, skip, ride a tricycle or bike​​

  • Difficulty throwing and/or catching a ball​​

  • Need for wheelchair mobility training​

  • Recovery after an injury or surgery​​​

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